Monday, August 23, 2010

Ashly Fogel Summer 2011

I quite like this collection, especially the sailor look in the photo with the white pants and red shoes. In fact, I would happily wear anything in this collection. It's very summery. Finally, we (New Zealand) are getting out of winter and into spring. I'm starting to get all the new spring fashion catalogs in the mail from various stores and save up money to buy a few new things to go in my spring wardrobe. Yay! I feel a shopping spree coming on any time soon.
My school is getting ready to put on our show. I spent most of my day, hand sewing long blue ribbins onto singlet tops, because there is going to be a water dance and I'm helping with the costumes. The water dance girls are going to have swirls of blue face paint on their faces and arms. I'm also going to help with that. :) Its all fun!
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  1. Funki suzannah i love that one two xoxo dont forget to look at my new post!


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