Saturday, August 28, 2010

In the Yard... Part 1

Had another photoshoot with my other fashion blogger friend
Nicole! This time it was for springtime grunge. We added a bit of pink and bits and bobs to make the outfits look a bit nicer.
I'm reading The complete illustrated works of Lewis Carroll (Alice in Wonderland etc). We shared the photos over both our blogs to make it fair.
Nicole wears:
Pink Singlet Top - Urban Angel
High Waisted Skirt - Cotton On
Black Cardi - Glassons
Gloves - $2 Shop
Legging - Farmers
White Shoes - ?
Clutch Bag - Was My Mums
Black Belt - Was My Mums
Headband - ?
Earings - $2 Shop
Rings - From a Random Collection I Have
Suzannah Wears:
Grey Cardi - Farmers
Pink Top - My Auntie Gave It To Me
Black Shorts - Farmers
Leggings - Farmers
Scarf - Used To Be My Mums
Headbands - Equip
Shoes - ?
Rings - My Collection
Glove - $2 Shop
PS: Sorry about the depressed look on my face! LOL!

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