Saturday, October 30, 2010


You can't see, but in this photo I'm wearing Black Fairy Wings.
(I'm the bad fairy)

And even though most of you who are reading this don't know what my hair is really like (unless they have seen my older posts), I now have a full fringe, and I really like it. I'm going to try and grow my hair long, I normally have straight hair, but in this photo I have 'boofed' 'teased' and 'curled' my hair.

I went to a Halloween party, instead of 'trick or treating', it was really fun! I brought home 6 chocolate bars from it, and I only have 1 left now. i.e I ate them for breakfast.

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Monday, October 11, 2010

Lace, pink, flowers and bows..

Ohhh, this whole collection from Trelise Cooper Kids is just tooooo cute! I love those big bows in the first picture! To see the rest of the collection go to fashionz.
Mmmm.... not much to say today, other than we did P.E at school for the whole day (training for athletics) which is why I am to tired to type any more than this.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NZFW Zambesi

All picture credit to Fashionz.
Mmmm, how would you describe this style? Modern? The models are kind of like works of art, with their facial markings, high tech clothes and hair styles. The whole show looks quite futuristic, if that is the right word for it I'm not sure? Image 1 looks like something from out of space! Don't get me wrong I do like that style, it's very creative. I suppose Image 4, isn't as wild as the others, I would happily wear that anywhere. Most of them look like winter clothes.
When I'm older, I would love to be part of New Zealand Fashion Week. But I'm only 12, so it's a long wait for me.
Suzannah :)
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

NZFW Kathryn Wilson

Images from Kathryn Wilson Debut show. All photo credit to Fashionz.

I have to say, I really like this shoe collection. My personal favourites would be Image 1 and 5, because of the shape of the shoe and the trendy laces. I love the collar type thing on Image 1 especially.

There is something for everybody in this shoe collection, all the styles are very exciting and appealing.
You can view the rest of the shoe gallery at

They are all fantastic.

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For now.


A little bit of this... a little bit of that...

I've been doing a bit of mix and matching lately.

Today I'm wearing military styled jacket, with a pink poofy skirt. The outfit turned out quite nice, especially with my tiny hat that I bought on a mall/movie trip with Nicole and Terri.

There was a sale at Jay Jays ( I got my little hat there) , so of course I had a snoop around. Whats your favourite style to mix and match with? I need some more ideas.

In other news, it was New Zealand fashion week a few weeks ago, but that is the subject of my next post. So Ta Ta For Now!