Saturday, October 30, 2010


You can't see, but in this photo I'm wearing Black Fairy Wings.
(I'm the bad fairy)

And even though most of you who are reading this don't know what my hair is really like (unless they have seen my older posts), I now have a full fringe, and I really like it. I'm going to try and grow my hair long, I normally have straight hair, but in this photo I have 'boofed' 'teased' and 'curled' my hair.

I went to a Halloween party, instead of 'trick or treating', it was really fun! I brought home 6 chocolate bars from it, and I only have 1 left now. i.e I ate them for breakfast.

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  1. really cool ;) thanks so much for followeing my blog!

  2. i loveu r outfit, its similar to mine but im not being a fairy.....u left a comment on my blog..plz follow xxxx

  3. I love the shots with bows below. Also, cute Halloween outfits. Hope you had a good time. And feel free to visit me when you have time.


  4. Love the bad one, your hair's fantastic !

  5. i envy u!! and i like your black costum!!!

  6. i love your outfit! :)
    Olivia x


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