Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wild Photoshoot!

Sorry that the photos are all different sizes!

Thanks to Alison for taking the pictures!

Nicole wears:
Poka dot skirt - Glassons
Scarf ( worn round torso ) - Used to be her mums
Singlet Top - Supre'
Leggings - Farmers
Belt - Save Mart
Suzannah wears:
Leopard print dress - Not sure where sorry
Belt - Used to be my mums
Red bow ( worn in hair ) - Not sure where sorry
Scarf ( worn round neck ) - Used to be my mums
Socks - Farmers
Leggings - Farmers
Singlet top - Supre'
Well this was the final photoshoot that me and nicole did. You can check out more pictures, that we did that day on her blog. I'm not sure if she has put them up yet or not... We were going to use her budgies in this shoot but they kept on flying off our shoulders! LOL. We had alot of fun doing our makeup and stuff..
Anyway. I went to that Tres chic fashion show in the holidays. They used ALOT of blue, white and red. But I geuss thats the whole point. I wasn't alowed to take any photos, because I was to close to the runway or something like that blah blah blah. I also had a coughing fit halfway through ( I have a cold at the moment ), so that was glamorous. NOT! Overall the collections of french clothes ( brought over from paris ) was very fresh looking. I quite liked it. But alot of the clothes were very similiar, which is strange because there was at least 5 different brands. Of course they didn't have anything in my size... only adult stuff. And I'm quite a small 12 year old. :(
Well thats it for today folks. ( even though I only have like 3 followers, who are reading this )
Till Next Time.

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