Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Trip!

So. I had a great trip, we stayed in our friends lovely bach. Since it's winter over here, I stayed inside and read books and watched movies by the warm open fire. On Wednesday we went to a town called Akaroa, which was orginally a French settlement. The three pictures above are the ones I took there. We met up with my auntie and cousins, who have just come back from Kuwait. They brought back gifts. I got a pink tee-shirt that says: FREE YOUR SPIRIT, and two awesome bracelets ( which I will post pictures of later ) , one is a chunky, bright coloured, beaded braclet. And the other is a black, beaded bracelt. I am bad at describing things. haha.
I have also recently got a Giorgio Armani clutch bag. My mum got it through her work, as a fragrance consultant. It's black and I really like the style. I will be taking it with me to the fashion show on Friday. :)

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