Saturday, July 24, 2010

Rapping up for winter

Scarf: Kuwait, Cardi: Glassons, Jeans: Just Jeans, Belt: Used to be my mums, Boots: Number 1 shoes, Beret: Found it Somewhere, Sunglasses: My mums, White Top: Used to be my friends.
Even though it doesn't really look like winter in these pictures. Well. It is.
I borrowed my mums green scarf for this outfit today. I was pretty happy with the way the outfit came together in the end. The scarf is from Kuwait, it was really snug! I also borrowed her sunglasses. hehe. At the moment I am on the hunt for a good pair of sunglasess. You never kno when the winter sun wants to shine in your eyes... But yea. Hopefully I will find some in time for summer. At the moment all I have is these really thin ones that I have shown you in a previous post.
For Now


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