Friday, December 24, 2010

Tis Jolly!

Well, I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas, and soon a happy New Year!

Decided to post some of my presents I got. And a picture of me at my family's boxing day picnic.

I rather like the little pink and gray bows, I can clip them into my hair you see. You will probably see an outfit post of me wearing them VERY soon. The first picture is of a nice little collection of bath things from my Auntie, (bath salts, soap, oil, etc.), and the next photo is a 2011 diary from my other Auntie. It's perfect for school (we have to have diarys at my high school that I'm going to), it even has little games to do in the back, for when I'm bored in class! Haha. Mmm, next picture, looks like I've got chocolate on everything already!

I am very tired, woke up at 11.30am this morning, got up at 11.40am. I have 1 month and few days, till I need to start high school. I'm planning on getting my uniform and posting a picture of me wearing it. But I'm trying not to think of school to much, and just enjoy my summer holiday.
Speaking of which:
My Top Ten Favourite Things To Do In The Summer:
10. Forget about school.
9. Go biking.
8. Go swimming at the beach.
7. Go swimming at the pool.
6. Get a new summer look, and wardrobe.
5. Eat summer fruit and food.
4. Go shopping.
3. Watch the sunset.
2. Dance under the sprinklers.
1. Blog about it.
Sound good? Maybe not number 1. but hey, that's what I'm gonna do isn't it? haha.
Have a good one.

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