Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bring on 2011!

Happy New Year to everybody!

Have you made your new year resolutions?

Mine are kind of along the lines of:
Cutting Back On Junk Food...
Get better at doing homework...
Start new after school activities...
Save my money...
Go for runs...

Yeah, typical type stuff I guess. :)

Anyway, I hope 2011 will be just as good as 2010. My first year at high school... Mmmm, I've done a lot of, dot dot dots... in this post today... ... ... ... ...

Most probably because I'm curios about what type of year 2011 will be? 2010 was my lazy year, but the beginning of my blog year. 2009 was, well, I can't remember back that far! But anywhoo, I've had a good start of 2011 already, I've VERY healthy lunch, and I'm just about to start a yoga sesh with my cousin in a few minutes. Just thought I should squeeze a post in. This outfit was my new years outfit.

Turquoise shorts, white lace shirt, necklace my friend got me for Xmas, and one of the bows I got for Xmas.
Once again, happy new year!



  1. Argh i just commented and it delelted it all..... :(
    Anywho! Congrats on your blog and thanks for the comment! I really respect your passion for fashion! I hope that never dies and it stays with you forever! If you stick to that passion for fassion i honestly believe you will make it in fashion! haha I know im really optomistic and positive!
    I'm guessing your going into year 9?? you dont seem all that excited??? Well trust me you are going to have a blast! Just warning you year 9 can be a really bitchy year and you find out who your friends are very clearly! Girls are very mean in year 9! But if you stay away from them you'll be cool!
    Just a tip! Listen closely in class dont let a guy you like who will eventually become your boyfriend distract you all year so you dont learn.....ANYTHING in science! haha that happened to me but i do not regret any of it!!! I had an amazing year and i can not wait to start Year 10....way behind???? haha it'll be sweet!
    Goodluck for your Blog and keep following mine!!
    <3 Amanda xx

  2. Haha, trust me, I am very excited. But also very nervous. Thanks so much for following me! :)

  3. Have fun in high school! :o)



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