Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fashion Quiz!

I found this quiz thing in Girlfriend Magazine New Zealand. It's about your fashion capital, and what sorts of styles you like and stuff. So here it is. Enjoy!

What is your Fashion Capital?????

1. Who is your ultimate style icon?
a) Leighton Meester.
b) Gwen Stefani.
c) Audrey Hepburn.
d) Kate Moss.

2. Where do you like to shop?
a) Designer stores only.
b) Online at Topshop or H&M.
c) Vintage op shops for super stylish finds.
d) You usually like to make your clothes.

3. What inspires you, fashion wise?
a) Bright colours and crazy patterns.
b) Classic black.
c) Any wildly original look that no0one has ever done before!
d) Preppy looks and Gossip Girl.

4. You would die without your:
a) Basic black skinny jeans.
b) Assorted headband collection.
c) Ballet flats.
d) Chunky Hello Kitty! watch.

5. You would dress up a LBD with:
a) Nothing. In the immortal words of Chanel, "less is more".
b) Something colourful or quirky like sneakers.
c) A classy accessory like a scarf.
d) Heels. They dress up any outfit!

6. You think fashion is all about:
a) Designers, designers, designers.
b) Individuality and originality.
c) Timeless style.
d) Being the first to start a trend.

7. Where would you go on your ideal shopping holiday?
a) Paris.
b) Tokyo.
c) London.
d) New York.

8. What is your fashion motto?
a) Always be matching.
b) Anything goes!
c) If you feel confident you look great.
d) Black is the new black.

9. At a party, you're usually the one:
a) Flirting elegantly with a mysterious hottie.
b) Gossiping in the corner.
c) Dancing like a wild thing on the D-floor.
d) Turning a lampshade into a hat.

1. a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4
2. a=1 b=4 c=3 d=2
3. a=2 b=3 c=4 d=1
4. a=3 b=1 c=4 d=2
5. a=3 b=2 c=4 d=1
6. a=1 b=2 c=3 d=4
7. a=3 b=2 c=4 d=1
8. a=1 b=2 c=4 d=3
9. a=1 b=2 c=4 d=3

9 - 15
New York
Ahhh, New York! Who wouldn't kill to have a wardrobe like the cast of Gossip Girl? Your style is preppy and smart and inspired by designers. No outfit would be complete without accessories and your fave pastime is flicking through mags and ripping out styles that inspire you. Your style is classy and polished and has a timeless feel about it.

16 - 22
Your fashion is kooky, colourful and fun - you wouldn't be out of place walking the streets of Tokyo! Your clothes are unique and you like to customise things to make them your own. You love dressing up and emulating looks from celebs who inspire you. You dig experimenting with fashion so it's always fun for you.

23 - 29
Paris is arguably the fashion capital of the world with french designers like, Dior, Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hermes and Christian Louboutin (just to name a few) dictating the fashion world. You're rarely seen out of black but you always manage to find a way to add some original flair to your outfit so you look fashionable and chic.

30 - 36
The homeland of Topshop and style icons like Alexa Chung and Kate Moss, London is edgy hip and fashion forward. You love trying out new looks and see fashion as a way to express yourself. Rather than following trends, you make the trends, and others envy your effortlessly put together style. With your fashion sense, it looks like you could be set to rival Rachel Zoe in the near future!

So there is it. Did you like it? Post a comment and tell me what fashion capital you got haha. I got 22! So that means my fashion capital is Tokyo! LOL. 1 more and it would of been Paris, but I like bright bold patterns and creative, funky stuff. Like in my previous post about the Marc Jacobs Fashion Show, the clothes in there were brilliant!



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  1. Hey suzie i got PARIS hala my score was 29 1 more and i would have got london see ya soon love ya nicole xoxo


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