Monday, December 6, 2010

My christmas...

A few of my decorations, and my Christmas tree. Ignore our hideous curtains in the background.
This outfit is for my yr 8 leaving dinner in a few days. I wore it now to show you because I know I won't have time to post it on that day, because I will be flat out tired (we will also be going on a yr 8 school trip that day, and when we come back, I will ave to get ready quickly for the dinner at home).
Anyway, I thought it was nice and summery. It WAS a maxi dress, but it shrank in the wash (*sob*), so now its kind of a long, but not really, dress. I don't mind, it's a bit different that's all.
I wish you all a very merry, winter Christmas (for those reading this, who are in winter).
I can't really imagine it being snowy on Christmas, it's sun all around for us in New Zealand.


  1. I love Christmas. A sunny Christmas..I am so jealous. I get snow, ice and freezing very cold can barely breath weather for the holidays. I hate snow but I love the holidays. Anyways your Christmas tree is so adorable and pretty. And fabulous decorations.

  2. Thats quite funny, because I would love to have snow on christmas. Whenever it does snow in New Zealand, it only snows for one day!


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