Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The silly season (and tennis) is upon me.

This outfit was inspired by my school P.E teacher, and I dedicate this post to YOU. haha. I'm so funny. Well what can I say? It is the tennis season (I think). I found this ancient racket behind the door of my mum and dads bedroom and took FULL advantage. Oh and by the way in the first photo I am not attempting to smile, I'm in the middle of talking!
Soo... What do think of the cap and glasses? I reckon they rock!
Anywaaay... I spent my afternoon rolling failed chocolate fudge in cocoa, to make them look like they were meant to be truffles. They taste pretty good I must say. There is just something about making fudge that is a fraction to tricky.
I must get back to eating sea salted chips now. So TTFN!
PS: It would totally make my day if you followed me. :)

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