Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Beach

My mint friend Becky organised a trip to the beach. It was soo unbelievably hot, there was lots of us there but I wasn't to sure if they wanted me to put photos of them on my blog. I wore my rainbow tankini, with stripy jandals, straw hat, aviators and my friends pink stripy sarong as you can see in the pictures.
I'm really looking forward to the summer holidays!
*Beach Trips
Then all of a sudden I'll be very nervous about my first day of high school!
Unfortunately there is a uniform I will have to wear to high school and it goes a little something like this...
Navy blue, green and yellow summer dress.
Knee high navy blue socks.
Black shoes.
Green Jumper thing.
Then a long kilt for winter same colours as the dress.
White collar top.
Very original. ae.
Happy summer! All though there will be people from all over the globe reading this...
Sooo.. happy seasons!
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