Friday, June 18, 2010

Treasure Box!

At the moment I have been into sewing buttons on to my clothes. Like funky old buttons that are a bit different. I sewed a few onto a plain black bolero that I have, it turned out quite nice. Anyway I found an old box ( lie, my mum found it ) and it was full of cool buttons and bits and bobs! I love it, I call it my treasure box. haha. So now I'm going through my clothes, trying to find something I can sew some buttons on to. I'll post some pics of my creations later.

It's been a lazy day for me. I've been relaxing in the sun reading New Zealand fashion magazines and eating noodles. I've started a wish list of things I want out of the magazines, I'll post it once I finish it. The school disco last night ( that I wrote about earlier) was alright, I wore my beret outside when we had to stand around waiting to get in. When I was dancing I had to keep pulling my belt up which was a pain. In the end I just took it off.

Oh and by the way the date on my blog is wrong, I think, it's about a day late. It's Saturday today. LOL.
Bye for now.


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