Saturday, June 26, 2010


haha. Only one more week of school and then I've got a 2 week holiday!

My plans for the 2 weeks:

*Staying in Port Levy for 4 days. So I'll probably be in my gruglies for the whole time, because nobody apart from my family will be around.

*Going to a fashion show called 'Tres chic'. Nothing major and fancy, just celebrating an arrival of new exciting european collections.

*Have a photo shoot with my friend. ( planning on putting the pics on this blog )

*And basically hanging round, doing bits and bobs. You know...

Anyway, as you probably noticed, I wrote the word 'gruglies' before. In case any of you reading this post are not sure what gruglies are, let me explain to you...
I was reading this artical called: Confessions of a fashionista, and it was all about girls and their 'gruglies'. Gruglies are 'girls uglies' , we put them on when the coast is clear. They are the slobby clothes that we wear for comfort, not appearance. My gruglies would have to be, my baggy track pants, old leggings, and hand me down clothes from my older brother. Such as comfy old farm jackets and loose tee-shirts .
I usually put on my gruglies after school when I curl up on the couch and watch T.V.

So now you know all about the secret Club Grugly.

Have a good day!

For now

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